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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Belief Step 2: Give Thanks

Step 2- Giving thanks for what you desire as if you already have it on this dimension.

This step is about you becoming aware of all the good that is around you and in your life. Awareness is needed before action. When you become conscious of the truth that everything you need and desire has already been provided for you and exist right now the action of giving thanks before you see it should be natural to you.

Giving thanks for what you desire before you see the manifestation of it requires conscious action on your part. It requires you to act in faith by acknowledging with a heart of gratitude that what you have asked God for in prayer has already been given to you.

Our tendency is to wait for that which we have asked for to manifest in this dimension first then we become thankful. However this is not the way that Jesus Christ taught. What was taught was to ask believing you receive and you will have that which you have asked.

This teaching is so contrary to the way that we have been programmed. When you add the fact that we live in a society that is programmed toward having everything quick, fast and in a hurry, following the practice of giving thanks for answered prayer that we haven’t “seen” the answer to in this earth realm truly seems a bit crazy to some and most difficult to others.

Giving thanks in the asking opens the way for you to see your answer in the natural. Giving thanks joyfully before you see in the natural with expectation that you have it creates an atmosphere for you to see your answer.

The wonderful part of this is when it shows up in this dimension you have already experienced the joy of believing you receive. In other words, you’ve been operating in faith and confidence filled with joy rather than being in doubt wondering if you will receive what you already have in prayer.

So know that when you give thanks for what you desire as if you already have it on this dimension, you are strengthening your belief, cutting out doubt, eliminating stress and most importantly believing God and not your circumstances.

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