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Dealing With Challenges

Ever had sleepless nights, moments when you feel drowned by nerve racking  changes,  job losses, income reductions, business stagnation, lack of passion, illness, deaths, relationship challenges and any myriad of circumstances in your life that  can take you to the edge.  You’ve tried all you know to endure without gaining ease or relief. In your disappointment and weariness you may have begun thinking what have I done? Why is this happening to me? Your energy is zapped, feeling nervous and the head chatter…

If you could stop the noise and open your inner ear turned toward heaven you’d hear a tender whisper “you have a choice everything you need is right here”. Our nature is to have all the difficulties be gone, really you’d like to see them just disappear.

I know, me too!  Life doesn’t quite work that way. We all experience difficult challenges sometimes they show up because of changes we have chosen to make in our lives and our old belief system resist the change. I teach about this in the fearless and forward teleseminar click to learn more. Other times we may not have made the most positive choice and we now are experiencing the results.

Then there are situations affecting our lives that are out of our control because we are not the final say in a decision of sorts. However, you still do have a choice. You have the choice to understand that trials come and trials go the intent is not to punish nor destroy you. You have a choice how you proceed in any challenging situation.

These sometimes gut wrenching events in your life can  be your greatest teacher that can grow and strengthen your character while showing you just what is really on the inside of you and I admit they are difficult to maneuver alone. Or you can choose to allow your challenges to torment you with guilt, self judgment, sense of failure and fear that consumes your strength and over powers you.  You can choose to see that what you need is truly right here for you, but you first have to choose to see it and get your eyes off the situation that is consuming you. I teach you how in our fearless and forward program click it to learn more.

Be of good cheer you can choose to shift from worry, fear, depression and anxiety to stepping right in the middle of that challenge  and be in joy and peace let me show you how to see it in our fearless and forward teleseminar. Why go through it alone when there is expert help to support you right here.  Join us and be healed.

Choose peace!

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