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Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

It’s not what surrounds you that determine your success. It’s what’s in you, in your mind.
Consider letting go of some old thinking that has taken root in your thought processes and have been wreaking havoc in your life for decades. Thoughts like: “Can’t I ever get a break” ! I’m never going to get rid of this weight.

Why did I get let go from the job? I was a good worker. God why are you punishing me? I can’t invest in myself with the economy like this. This pain is killing me. I’m so tired. I just can’t! I could go on and on but you get the point! There are numerous thoughts passing through your mind and creating circumstances in your lives.

Thoughts are energy and draw like energy to you. Some thoughts are buried in your subconscious mind and you are unaware of the thoughts you are thinking. Look around you what you see and consistently experience is a result of your thoughts. If you are seeing and experiencing anything you don’t want then change your thinking.

You’ve heard the proverb As a man thinks so is he, which is saying we become what we think and I take it a step further and tell you that you have what you think. If you focus your thoughts on sickness you will get sick.

That is why when society talks about the flu I immediately start thinking I am not participating in the flu epidemic this year. When folks mention it to me I simply affirm I feel great and immediately change the subject and continue to eat right and get good rest. It’s the same with anything you think, you are in control of your thoughts.

Whatever are your dominate thoughts is what is being drawn into your life. Worry draws to you exactly what you don’t want into your experience. If you are thinking I can’t make it, you won’t. I ‘m not saying deny circumstances or situations I am saying get your focus off of what you don’t want and on to your good desires!

In so doing in time your circumstances can change to what you have focused your thoughts on such as your desires of good and not sickness, lack and defeat. If you desire the abundant life count your blessings, be grateful for what you do have and keep your thoughts on those things that are good, lovely and of a good report. We transform our lives by renewing our mind. Change your thinking and you will change (transform) your life.

Pay attention to what you are thinking. What have you been thinking?

To your success,



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