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Action Quotes book clearDarvi’s First Book, “Action Quotes For Everyday Living – Thoughts Of Wisdom For Transforming Your Life” is for those who really want to live better everyday! If you don’t have the time or the money to invest in an extensive self help or spiritual program, then this book is for you!

If you’re looking to:

  • Have a few brief moments a day to focus on you
  • A simple way to make positive lasting changes in your life
  • Want practical wisdom for your everyday life
  • Looking for daily inspiration and motivation

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Change doesn’t have to be difficult. We can transform our lives with ease. This unique personal and spiritual guide takes thought provoking quotes and applies practical wisdom along with simple action steps you can take to make positive changes that will transform, enhance and develop your life. Click on the image of the book to change your life today!


God Doesn't bookDarvi’s second book, “God Doesn’t Want You Playing Small – 10 Steps To Your Highest Potential” is a life transforming book where Darvi teaches you how to turn every dream into reality! She will ignite the spirit of passion, purpose and action in you as she imparts and reveals powerful truths from God’s Word that help you design a successful life!

  • Turn your dreams, visions, goals into reality
  • Learn how to use failure as a springboard to sucess
  • Why knowing your purpose will you to an abundant life
  • How to master doubt and live a winning life
  • Learn how to experience a fearless and worry-free lifestyle

Click on the image of the book now to master the doubter in you and make your dreams your reality!

Page after page is filled wisdom, energy, and a humorous take on life that has endeared her to audiences both young and old. She will lead you in a powerful journey that will bring you out of the valley of fear and trembling. Step by step, Darvi reveals the lair of The Doubter in all us of and inspires an arsenal within us from the Creator that will make negativity of prisoner of purpose and cause the reader to go for your highest potential!

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