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Take Your Rewards

Take Your Rewards

Imagine with me for a moment what would life be like if you got exactly what you wanted the moment you thought of it every single time. In reflection that would have been disastrous for me more times than not I am so grateful God didn’t answer many of my prayer request instantly. Some of my wishes were simply not good for me and some of them were not good for other people. How about you? If all you had to do was wish for something and you would have it in an instant what kind of life would that be for you, for society, for the planet? In the world of manifestation it takes a little time thankfully it gives us time to be clear and authentic about our desires. In fact with out clarity and authenticity it doesn’t seem to work very well. The process helps to develop our faith and trust in ourselves and the Infinite Creator. It’s as if it demands our growth. That’s why chasing get rich quick schemes never turn out to be rich or quick. We were designed to overcome any obstacle and to have dominion not over one another but over our environment. The thrill and joy of creating, the satisfaction you feel when you overcome an obstacle and the wisdom and experienced gained in the process is powerful and priceless. I noticed that we humans tend to get bored or restless when we can’t create, achieve and turn our dreams into realities not by the twitch of our noses like the old Bewitched character but rather through faith, dreaming, visioning, planning, taking action and making it so. All the while you are removing any obstacle that gets in your way. Life would be pretty boring after a while and weakness and lack of creativity would turn one into a drone without what we call challenges or obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles between us and what we want or need help us to grow strong if we are willing to take the challenge and not give up. Trust God loves us enough that if we yield to Spirit we win. In doing this we can enjoy abundant, prosperous, satisfying, creative and peaceful (peace within ourselves) lives.

Haven’t you noticed your biggest rewards are often behind the highest barrier which is often your deepest fear. God wants us to face our fears, trust Spirit and hold firm while pressing through, over or around fear and take control. Fear is your greatest obstacle and on the other side of it is your great reward every time.

This is how you’ll get the greatest rewards. What is it that you want but are too afraid to have? What are you most afraid of? Start by identifying your fear. Next ask Spirit to empower you to conquer it and then face it head on. Go ahead and press through the fear and take your reward. Are you willing to get what you want, then take it shaking in your boots the whole way if you have to because courage is not the absence of fear it’s doing what you must despite fear. Remember you never have to knock that fear giant down alone. I’m here to help. We are here for you just drop me an email at and put “I want my reward” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you.

Fearless and Forward,


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