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Rule Over Fear

What would you think If I told you that you could be the master over fear. You can control fear and even use it as a tool to your advantage. Would you really believe me despite what you heard on the news today and all the upheaval around you and or others, that you could be in a space of peace?  Sounds impossible right. Unrealistic to say the least right?  Well no! Actually I’ve learned through experience you can have perfect peace in the midst of some trying circumstances.

You see the type of fear I am talking about  is more than a reaction to external circumstances and situations you may find yourself linked into either due to your or someone else’s action or inaction.  It is a spiritual force that begins on the inside of you. It can be highly destructive. When people are unaware of the spiritual or energetic forces operating all around us all the time we become vulnerable to the force of fear. This force creates all kinds of havoc in our lives including our business, career, relationships, finances, health and so on.

The key to ruling over fear is through the force of faith. Fear is a tool that the enemy of our soul uses to destroy our life  and steal all the good that God, the Divine has for us. You see fear is a primary weapon used to rob you of the joyously abundant life the Divine intended and provided for you. The enemy of your soul is able to move in your life in response to fear through impostor thoughts that challenges the promises of good that is already here for you.  Fear as a result causes one to shrink back and not go for the greatness the Divine intended for you. You see you were created to have dominion in the earth. Just look at all the good things that have been created by people because we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator there fore we too are creators we have the potential to do anything. Fear is a force that stops us.

Today let’s take a look at a biblical example of Peter where he literally walked on water he was in total faith!  When Jesus invited Peter to come to Him on the water he started walking on the water, no problem. It wasn’t until Peter started focusing on the turbulence all around him taking his eyes off of Jesus his goal, that he became afraid; and began to sink.

What does this mean for you in your life and how do we experience peace in the midst of fear?  Well lets examine what enabled Peter to walk on water.  First he possessed faith in the Word, Jesus. The bible tells us Jesus is the Word and that faith provided the energy to step out of the boat and take those steps. As long as his focus was on the Word his intention to get  to Jesus he walked, he was fearless and in peace.  The moment he lost site of his intention– to reach Jesus and began focusing on the circumstances and the situation; out in the sea in a tumultuous storm he became full of fear and began to sink.

It is no different for us where ever you place your attention that is your thought energy that is where your energy will flow. When you focus on the thing you are afraid of  you open the door for everything fear attracts. You see it wasn’t the wind or the water that defeated Peter it was his thoughts. By him looking at and focusing on his circumstances, he gave into fear thoughts and the result was defeat.  If Peter had kept his thoughts, his  focus on Jesus his intention to get to him, the force of faith would have carried him all the way to his destination and nothing would have stopped him.

All the turbulence and craziness all around you could cause you to abandon faith. Your circumstances may appear impossible and I am encouraging you to get your thoughts focused on what the Word promises in situations like the one you may be facing and hold fast to the force of  faith.  Don’t allow impostor thoughts to cause you to get caught up in worry the partner of fear but rather get caught up in meditating on the promises of good and your intention the partner of the force of faith then watch yourself walk on water. God never promised us easy but we were promised victory take your victory by using the shield of faith and thinking and speaking words of faith, take action and fear will depart. Remember you were not given a mind  filled with fear, worry and defeat. You have been given power, love and a sound mind use them to stay in peace and move forward in your situation.

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