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Money Expansion Strategy: Increase Your Income and Decrease Your Outgo

If you really want to accrue money, all you have to do is increase your incomings and decrease your outgoings.

Sounds simple enough right. Robert Kiyosaki in his Cash Flow Quadrant book talks about how we must walk before we can run. Walking in my view is simply getting and keeping a handle on your spending.

In the greater scheme of accumulating wealth it really is that simple. If you are spending more than you’re earning, your money begins to go into the negative. If you are earning more than you’re spending, then your wealth increases. Now this is a start point and it really is as simple as being aware of your income and output.

The challenge for many of us is that it isn’t easy. There are numerous reasons why the strategy is simple but not easy. The good news is with support it can become easy and fun to implement this core strategy for your wealth accumulation.

What makes this overall strategy difficult without support is the decreasing of the output of your money. This step of the strategy feels constrictive which creates a pattern of giving up on the very core of your wealth accumulation.

For now just know that when you decrease your money output and increase your money incomings not only do you increase your money power you also increase your energy.

By getting out of the land of unawareness about your money flow and approaching the decrease without going into starvation mode you will begin to reduce stress and gain the added benefit of improving your health.  What is your money flow?


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