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Visualize Your Goals

Create a visual reminder of your goals right now in your mind. Then set aside some fun time to create your visual reminder where you can see it daily. Visualizing your goals with the feeling of the joy of having achieved that goal stirs you up on the inside and creates energy that could bring that goal or desire into life.

Whether you know it or not everything you have in your life started on the inside of you.  Take a moment and think about the very last thing that you  desired and received. It started with a thought. You created a picture of it in your mind whether you were aware of it or not. We do this all the time we just aren’t aware that we are doing it.

A perfect example is when you worry. When you worry you actually create a mental picture of what you don’t want and when you negatively vision (worry) long enough you get on the outside that which you really didn’t want. Well visualizing your goals has the same effect. Creating a visual reminder of your goals-thinking about them as accomplished and then following through with visual concrete pictures you can look at daily supports you in accomplishing your goals.

The visual helps to creates focus and a level of energy that serves as a spring board to get you into action. Focusing on your goals helps keep you in a positive frame of mind and aligns with the truth of filling your mind with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable.

When you focus on positives as described it keeps you in a positive frame of mind and that draws more positives into your life. What’s more positive to focus on and take action on than your positive goals. Tap into the Divine in you and create. When you visualize you are in a creative mode creativity comes from the Divine. Start with visualizing your goal and commit to take action have fun with it and be in action.

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