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5 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Belief Step 5: Expectation

Step 5 Expectation

Being  in expectation is  about expecting opportunities to show up that will lead to what you are standing in belief for and when they show up you take advantage of those opportunities. So how does one stay in expectation? Firstly understand that expectation is a strong hope that what you desire is going to come to pass. However in order for any of us to keep hope alive we must place focus on that “thing”  that we want be it a dream, a vision, or a goal.  Staying in expectation requires focusing more on what you desire than on all the circumstances and situations that come up that are contrary to your target desire.

Experience in manifesting what I want out of life has taught me that opposition to your expectation or your target desire will inevitably show up  in some form or fashion sometimes in big ways sometimes in small ways and sometimes in very subtle ways. I guarantee it. However way opposition shows up keep your attention in an attitude of positive expectation.

Let’s say you want a promotion. You have an expectation a strong hope that you can be promoted. In order to strengthen your belief for your promotion you focus on that expectation by placing your focus or attention on being promoted.  You might start by creating a mental image of the promotion you expect, rather than focusing on the current reality.  This places your attention on the expectation of that which you are believing for strengthening your belief.

Secondly begin to act like what you are believing for, that might be going beyond your normal duties or simply pretending to “be” that next level you desire.  The key is to get your focus on what you desire and holding it there until it becomes your reality. Next you want to exercise your faith by taking the corresponding actions that a promotion would require perhaps making your boss aware, finding out what is required and doing what you need to do to fulfill the requirements.  Expectation is the proof that you believe there is no believing without strong hope and there is no manifestation of  belief without faith and faith requires action.

When you are in expectation you are looking for opportunities because you expect them to show up. Your belief in your target desire is strengthened through expectation and you use your focus to counter distractions. Placing your attention on the target desire, that which you are believing for will draw it to you because you are in high expectation.

Taking the necessary steps for strengthening your belief is necessary to manifest what you want because you must first believe in order to receive. Those steps include setting a clear intention, giving thanks for what you have and intend, being in alignment, taking the right actions and staying in positive expectation.  These steps will not only strengthen your belief  to have what you want they will bring it to pass. Following the five steps covered in my blog will cause you to receive that which you are believing for in your career, business or personal life. Believe you receive it and you will have it so  BELIEVE.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Belief Step 5: Expectation

  1. Great article Darvi! I love the term “staying in expectation” for your desires to manifest. I’m a huge believer in that! As you say, sometimes ‘the opposition’ shows up, but it can be managed in various ways 🙂 Keep on doing the great work!

  2. I love talking about manifesting, but I believe it goes much deeper than just saying and then thinking you will manifest what you desire. You have to have faith, believe, and yes, have expectation. Love it.

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