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5 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Belief Step 4: Right Action

Step 4 – Take Right Actions

Taking right actions for what you believe is critical in the process of strengthening your belief and getting what you desire.

Right actions are what I call Inspired actions they tend to show up right at the point when you have alignment between what you believe and what you desire. It’s a window of time that if you’ll act quickly will set you in the direction of receiving what you want. Your right action may come in the form of  a thought that say’s go research that… or call this person or sign up for that program or set up a meeting or go to a particular event or put on this event and so on. What ever the thought that comes once you’ve prayed, given thanks and aligned your thoughts you need to act decisively on that inspired idea. 

Most people fall short at this step because of step 3-alignment. You have  been working on step 3 in our process, working to align your thoughts with what you desire, what you are in belief for and like many of us you may have discovered you need help with that alignment.  Know that aligning our thoughts can be challenging because we suffer from blind spots. Blind spots keep us from our awareness of thoughts that are contrary to what we are believing for in our lives.  Inspired actions or ideas come so quickly that they are often missed because of the barrage of hidden contrary beliefs that can choke them out.

So often you get an idea and hesitate to take that inspired action on that idea because of thoughts both known and unknown that are playing out in your mind. When contrary thoughts show up when you get an inspired idea that you are aware of, you can easily take action to bring those thoughts under control. The bible calls this process casting down imaginations. You just decide that you are not going to allow any thoughts contrary to your doing what you need to do to stop you from accomplishing your dream and take that inspired or right action.

The challenge comes when you are not conscious of the contrary thoughts playing out in your mind which means you are not able to get them under your control and take action.  A good mentor or coach can help you to uproot those thoughts and get them under your control so you can move forward.  In many instances you are aware of those contrary thoughts but they are so deeply rooted that you may still fail to take right action or delay in acting to the point of missing your opportunity to receive what you desire.

Taking right actions is critical in the process of  strengthening your belief in order for that belief to become rooted in your mind you must take action. There is no other way to realize your dreams, visions or goals without taking right inspired action. Hesitation and not acting is the sure way to forfeit  achieving what you want and staying stuck in a belief that no longer serves you in getting where you want to go.

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