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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Beliefs Step 3: Alignment

Step 3 –  Aligning Your Thoughts With What You Want

Aligning your thoughts with what you want requires that you pay close attention to your thoughts and replace those   thoughts that are contrary to what you asked for with thoughts that affirm your request. Your beliefs and your thoughts must be in alignment with what you want.

Getting our thoughts in alignment requires that we get control of our thoughts. Most people have no idea what thoughts are going through their mind moment by moment. Given that research tells us that we average about 70,000 thoughts per day it may feel nearly impossible to get control of our thoughts. However you were fearfully and wonderfully made and you have the ability to control your mind. The truth is we have developed a habit of allowing our minds to be bombarded with all kinds of words, sounds and images that are often in opposition of our belief.

The reality is your belief is weak and must be strengthened. You may believe one level but at the deeper level what you want to believe has not taken a firm root.

Let’s say you believe you deserve a better job and news report continually tell you how high the unemployment rate is currently, so you stay in a job that you really would like to change. You want to invest in your personal and professional growth and development but you have thoughts in your mind that say you can’t afford to invest in yourself. You want to start a business but you are bombarded with fear thoughts and excuses for why you can’t do it. The Spirit tells you to do something for someone but your thoughts of scarcity and lack cause you not to do it.

For everything you set your mind to believe for, there will be numerous thoughts that come to your mind that do not align with your belief especially if it is a new belief. You have the thoughts that you are conscience of like when you learn something new and consciously agree to the new idea. However your subconscious mind is trained in a different belief or thought and brings up all the reasons and ways this new idea won’t work. All of the outside input like media, teachings and, people aligns with the thoughts that are contrary to your new belief. As a rule we are unconscious of the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are hindering us and need support to uncover them. Join us in Success Achievement  teleclass register here.  Not being aware of my unconscious thoughts was one of my biggest hinderances to success.

In order to align your thoughts with what you want to believe you must make a conscious effort to pay attention to what you are thinking and take control of those thoughts that you are aware of that are contrary to your belief. Once you’ve done that you will need to limit the contrary thoughts and ideas that are contrary to your belief. Finally bombard your own mind with those words, images, sounds, people and messages that align with your belief because what you think over time will show up in your life. More to come on the 5 Simple Things to Strengthen Your Beliefs.

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