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5 Simple Things To Strengthen Your Belief Step 1: Intention

Step 1 – Prayer- asking God for what you desire setting a clear intention

This step aligns beautifully with the law of attraction and will create
a positive change in your life as well as provide positive solutions.

So often in our lives when we are presented with challenges we tend to
focus on the challenge, whatever that might be–money issues, loss of
employment, failed business, forced retirement, spouse left, issues with
family members, health problems, relationship challenges, loss and divorce.

I could go on for days the point is whatever we put our
attention on grows.

We are all prone to this unproductive mental habit so if that’s been you,
know that you are not alone.  I recently had to snap myself back into right
thinking when I noticed I was praying from the problem rather than from a
clear intention.

Asking God for what you desire by setting a clear intention  to receive the
answer or solution to your desire,  that is anything that you deeply want and
are emotionally connected to as your aim, is one key to strengthening your beliefs.

Here is one of the ways you can do this through the use of the spiritual practice
of prayer.  You can use this process for any need, want or desire however
I’m using challenging circumstances as the example.

First you look at the challenge that is facing you. Then you lay it out before God,
asking Holy Spirit for help since Holy Spirit is the Helper. Only lay it out once
then release it, let go of the problem by giving it over to God remaining open
to God’s solution which may be different from what you want or think but will
be the best solution.

Next, set the intention with faith and confidence you will receive
the solution to this issue. You already have emotion to get this challenge
resolved however now the energy has shifted into that of faith
and confidence that the right answer is on the way as opposed
to the energy of worrying about the problem.

Praying with intention is not praying the problem it is focusing on the
solution through the prayer of asking.  It is asking God for what you need
by focusing on and praying the solution.

Personally I will get out my bible and seek by searching for situations
similar to my challenge.

This does three things:
1) Builds your faith through knowing God has helped with issues like this before.
2) Get’s and keeps your mind out of worry mode and on to solution.
3) Creates opportunity to apply practical life application of biblical truths.

I realized a long time ago, there is nothing new under the sun, humanity’s
problems haven’t changed they are just packaged differently.

The answer and encouragement can generally be found in the bible
loaded with all kinds of different life and business wisdom.

In fact most of the revered success books and teachings align with biblical principles.
I know because I have read many of them and did a side by side with my bible.
However it requires understanding and wisdom to know how to apply a biblical solution
to your specific challenge.

Scripture is a positive tool you can use to help you focus on the solution.
Next, ask Spirit what can you do to resolve this matter and expect to get an answer.

The answer may come in many forms, a scripture, a book, a movie,
your coach an article, music, etc.  Sometimes the answer comes instantly,
sometimes it comes through knocking that is asking for others input or help
and further research, and it comes through paying attention to the leading,

promptings, and nudges from Spirit within and following that inner guidance.
Sometimes the answer comes in all of those ways.

The key is to set your intention to expect an answer and act on what you
are receiving.

Setting a clear faith intention opens the door, builds your faith,
calms your mind and clears the pathway for your answer.

Scripture references: John 14:16, Mathew 7:7, Mark 11:24 Amplified version

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