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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Belief

Have you ever been in belief for something a new car, a new client, a promotion, a job, pass a test, the perfect mate, money, anything? Of course you have, so have I and I like getting the results I’ve gotten.

In relation to vision and goals I suspect you are in belief for something right now. If that is the case, hold on don’t give up especially if you have been in belief mode for some time. You see whatever it is you are in belief for has to take root in your subconscious mind where your beliefs are stored before you see it manifested in your life.

So often what happens is we give up before we see the manifestation of the thing we were in belief for just before it shows up. Why? You become impatient or it is too uncomfortable in the doing part. We get weary in well doing in your case well doing is repeatedly doing the things that strengthen your new belief. What are some of those things to reinforce your new belief? Here is what has worked for me:

Here are five things you can do to strengthen your belief:

1) Prayer- asking God for what you desire setting a clear intention.

2) Giving thanks for what you desire as if you already have it on this dimension.

3) Align your thoughts with what you want so pay attention to your thoughts and replace those thoughts that are contrary to what you asked for with thoughts that affirm your request.

4) Take inspired actions- act on those thoughts that tell you to do something.

5) Be in expectation, expect opportunities to show up that will lead to what you are in belief for and when they show up take advantage of those opportunities.

Have you become weary in any of these areas or maybe all of them, no worries that’s what is so great about being created in the image  and likeness of God we have the ability to change and to create whatever we desire.

I’ll be discussing each of these 5 steps to reinforce your belief in more details in my next few blogs so stay tuned. For now, just review the five steps and ask which of these do I need to strengthen in order to manifest what I desire. Make a comment on the blog and share your thoughts.

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